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Emergency Medicine Wiki for the Core Curriculum

A while ago, I group of us set out to answer one question - is the complete EM Core Curriculum discoverable in the ever growing number of free open access medical education (FOAMed) posts? The answer surprised us! The amount of FOAMed on the internet that was of high quality and covered every aspect of the core curriculum was seemingly limitless. FOAMed was like a huge textbook that was updated on a regular basis by an international community of passionate educators. The one thing it lacked was an index!

This audacious goal of this project is to have you join us and find, index, and commentate on the EM Core Curriculum available as FOAMed. We hope our site will enable EM Physicians to study for their boards, brush up on topics, and master the entire EM knowledge base. Get on board, join the editorial team, and help us grow!